Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay so I know I'm gonna look like a dork posting twice in a row but I have a short attention span and I need to write stuff down as soon as they pop into my head. Screw the whole "one post a day" thing. Anyway that's besides the point......

FLYLEAF IS A CHRISTIAN BAND!!! I don't know where I have been the last few years, under a rock most likely, but they are! That's the most awesomest thing since...well, I don't know. But that's awesome!

Here's a ghetto-fabulous video (I really think it's someone holding up the band's picture while blaring music in the background) of their song "Perfect." I've only just heard it for the first time today....yeah I know, sad. I don't even think I've entered the 21st century yet.

But here it is......................

Okay so I can't figure out how to get it on here...I'm computer-stupid :(
here's where it's at:

Simple Plan are so junior high.

So yeahhhhhhhh. I finally decided to get me a blog. Wow. I never thought I'd be one of "those people" with a blog. This feels awkward. Even though a whole zero people will read this. It kinda feels like I’m talking to myself......oh well.

So yeah. I am officially the laziest person I know. For real. Despite the growing pile of homework accumulating (i need spell check!) on my desk, I'm sitting here in my dorm listening to depressing Simple Plan songs.......which makes me feel like I'm in junior high again.

But really right now what I'm trying to do is decide if I'm gonna go to church tonight. I've been in a weird mood lately. I skipped church this Sunday for the first time at least 4 months. And I was so mad I swore I wouldn't go back until I got right with God. Ha. That seems unlikely. But i's weird. Yeah, I know. I do say weird a lot. But what's even weirder is that Monday, the day after I decided I wasn't going to church anymore, a guy I had been trying to get to come to church with me started talking to me about church and Sunday school and all that good stuff. He's a "Christian" but he doesn't have a church to go to up here. We had a pretty deep conversation about God and all that stuff and he said he wanted to come to Sunday school with me. So yeahhhh I don't knowwww. We'll have to see about that one. But one thing I've learnt since becoming a believer is there are no such things as coincidences...

But yeah. I can't think of anything else to say....

Hahahaa. Rereading this has made me realise I suck at writing and I say "so yeah" way too much. My fifth grade teacher always said I was a great writer and was always encouraging me to write. I think it will hurt her feelings to tell her my "writing skills" never progressed past those of a 10 year old. Oh well.